Training Under Wraps

Bec and I have just completed our first two week training course! Talk about hitting the ground running. This year has been the biggest rollercoaster and we're so lucky to have survived this pandemic having opened just two weeks before lockdown. But, we came back swinging and love what we do. 

During lockdown we developed an amazing training programme and put it out there. We had a full class and had a crazy amount of fun. This class is so unique because Bec and I have done over 10 training classes collectively, so we wanted to put all that training into a three week beginner class. So often I see online, that people are doing short courses and walking out not knowing what to do or too terrified to continue what they have learned on their own. 

We wanted to give people the confidence to work solo without being scared and actually enjoy the experience. And with this method we had success. 

We hope to see you at our next training event.