Cosmetic Tattoo

 BROWS / From $850

 Missing a few hairs, or hair no hair at all? Cosmetic tattoo can really transform and frame your face by adding in a few natural hair strokes or depth of colour to your own brow. With a few different techniques available to you, beautiful brows can be yours! Hairstrokes – Feather touch – Ombré Brows – HD Brows – Powder brows – combination brows. Your skin type will play a huge roll in which tattoo is suitable for the longevity of the tattoo. 

LIPS / $950

Gone are the days where red lip liner is applied to the outer lip. Thankfully we have come really far in appreciating the art of blending! Working together to create a lip colour that you love and the correct technique of blending will give you the desired result. Lip tattoo helps to even out lips, create fuller looking lips and give you colour and vibrancy. 


If you wear eyeliner every day or struggle each time you apply eyeliner, hesitate no more! adding eyeliner tattoo to your lash line really defines your eyes and saves you so much time. 

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